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DSSmith Creative is proud to be part of the re-gentrification of Downtown Allentown! Quality graphic design and advertising since 1996.

On target, on time, on budget! 

If you think great marketing costs too much, think of how much ineffective marketing will cost your business! 
Great marketing is important because it promotes your product awareness to the public, boosting sales while at the same time building your company's reputation. It also enhances production and distribution of your products and services. Strategic marketing is important because it either makes or breaks your business. Good marketing techniques can make the difference between a solid increase in sales or a stalemate situation on a good product. Marketing can be as simple as word of mouth, which is usually the case in the long run. It can be as complex as the use of state of the art websites, TV ads, radio advertisements and alternative media avenues. My brand is making your brand the best it can be. Call me to discuss what I can do for your business.


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